12 oct. 2013

First advance of the 4th Season of Falling Skies.

Fans of Falling Skies!                    You can't lose this!

The day we've been waiting for weeks . We finally have the first official images , the first trailer , the exclusive preview of the fourth season .

And that same face having Anne is going to be to you ... Like me!
If you was disappointed with the last season, do not worry, the following season looks good and I think we will freak out too much with what is to come.
Why am I so excited ? Well, well...
Although the beginning of the video is with scenes from last season, soon we see the new season scenes.
Tom, Anne, Anthony, Maggie and others in the countryside and ¡boom! The battle begins.
Ben waking up on a bed in what appears to be a bedroom arranged as hospital room (keep an eye to the IV bag, and even more than intriguing decoration) . Would he has removed the spikes? Perhaps only been wounded during the battle but ... What if  that is new and we do not even dare to imagine?
A Hal does not seem to be doing well either, we can see him spitting blood ...
Matt is in a school (somewhat Nazi , at least for aesthetics ) , in which we can see a girl screaming "They're all lies!". That makes it clear that Matt will not be bored in this place ... How did he go where? Was it by choice or been forced ? Ugh! More questions.
Colonel Weaver appears in a different setting than usual (who would say he looks a little crazy and locked in a madhouse ) . Tom seems like he's searching for Weaver. We can see a Tom whom also seems to lose a little sanity. Too much mysterious scenes!
There are also some other scene that are a complete and total mystery.
The moon will be our guide, the blonde girl (another girl like Alexis , maybe? ) .
A phrase that might reveal some new breed of alien , or some bug that control is " What the hell are they?".
Many new questions that come together to left in the three previous seasons .
A video that gives us a glimpse a break in the 2nd Mass. .. But forced rupture or because they choose to stop fighting together? They may be convinced that they have failed ...

The last season ended with the disappointment of many fans for the lack of action and aliens and excess drama, fans are jubilant after seeing this video.
The writing team of David Eick seems to be changing a few things, and now we just have to wait a few months to go see more videos, learning new information and finally see the new season.

To see all the photos of the video click here.

Here are more images of the video:

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