19 oct. 2013

Behind the magic of Falling Skies

A few days ago TNT posted a video in which we can see how they work behind the scenes and special effects that give life to the skitters and Cochise.

Todd Masters (special effects supervisor) tells us that they had the spirit of creating more than costumes and they have a fantastic team. He also says that two years ago could not do what they can do now. That is, technology has come a long way in a short time.

Doug Jones tells us some details of his costume, such that the position of the eyes in the head of Volm are above theirs, which prevents him from seeing. They are the technicians who, through the computer, give life to the movements of the eyes, eyebrows and blinking. He also has trouble hearing well.

Although the voice we hear of Cochise (in VO) seems not his, he can talk with that suit, yet they put after effects to make it look more Volm and less human. He confesses that he believes he was the one who really was willing to play a Volm. A process, he says, which he enjoys.
Keith Arbuthnot (skitter performer) tells us how to wear a suit of a skitter. There are several harnesses that are placed under the dress, giving comfort and allowing him to move the arms, legs, etc.. For other movements, the suit has twelve servers, using remote controls to move each part of the costume. The head consists of an integrated helmet, allowing him to move more freely.

Here is the video, with audio in English and Spanish subtitles:

Here you have more images of the video:

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