12 oct. 2013

Falling Skies Panel NY Comic Con 2013 (video)

Falling Skies panel in New York Comic Con was amazing!

The panel featured new showrunner David Eick, puppeteer Keith Arbuthnot, character effects supervisor Todd Masters, and Doug Jones (Cochise).

There are many news and interesting issues about the upcoming season 4.
Here you have the most interesting phrases that the team of Falling Skies has said during the panel :
David Eick.
Some of the Volm have stayed on Earth, but you'll continue to question how much you can trust them.
There may be other enemies besides the Espheni.
The moon is the emotional theme of this season. It unites the characters (remember that in the new video, the 2nd Mass seems separated).
12 episodes allows you to explore all the new colors of this season and go deeper in the stories.
Tom will be separated from his daughter this season. It's part of the separation theme.
Someone asked him about the blonde woman of the final of the trailer and he said:  "I have no idea who that is", obviously joking.

Character Effects Supervisor Todd Masters: 
I'm up to my neck in new aliens.
Originally Cochise was designed to be all CG, but I fought to have Doug Jones do it. I wanted the audience to connect.
What goes into making many new species is an ability to take the design further. Ideas often come from DreamWorks and Spielberg.
We pushed for a more organic feel, not only CGI. Mixing practical and digital in a way that's never been done before.
Doug Jones
People ask me how I prepare for the character and I say "Well, I go to the alien old persons home and interview them".
The fact that I'm back in season 4 means that you're going to see Cochise again, but you don't see him right away.
I want love for Cochise, I do. He's lonely.

Keith Arbuthnot 
For Red Eye, we wanted it to be a Phantom of the Opera kind of character - hidden behind the mask.
I try to give every skitter a unique character.
That's the trick, being able to emote through all the mechanics and rubber and everything else.
I usually go into it with the idea of 'no pain, no gain.' Every time I get into the suit, it's like really wrapping yourself in the character. Everything about it puts you into that body posture, into that headspace."

If you've been wondering about the why of Red-Eye's red eye, he explained they were going for a "Phantom of the Opera" feel and wanted to give him more sympathy.

Thanks to Official Twitter of Falling Skies for the tweets at live.

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