20 jul. 2013

Falling Skies Panel SDCC 2013

Yesterday Noah Wyle, Will Patton, Moon Bloodgood, Connor Jessup, Drew Roy, Sarah Carter, Colin Cunningham, Doug Jones, Rémi Aubuchon and Greg Beeman were at San Diego Comic Con.

They made lot of interviews, but here I'm going to write what they said in the panel. I'm sure I forget something, remind me if you know what, thanks.

The audience had the chance to as some questions to the actors.

The question I more like was "how each actor would like to see their characters die":
Connor Jessup (Ben Mason) said, he would like Ben to die in the last episode of the final season.
Drew Roy (Hal Mason) said “I would like to hijack a Beamer and fly through the air then crash into something to save everyone.” Awesome answer! Writers should take note of that!
Noah Wyle (Tom Mason) said, he wanted his character to die an old man, sleeping peacefully.
Moon Bloodgood (Anne Glass) said she wants Anne to die in battle.
Sarah Carter (Maggie) said, she wants Maggie to die in the arms of her man.
Doug Jones (Cochise), commented that his race has only seen war (remember his speech), he wants his character to die in the arms of Mrs. Cochise, in a passionate way.
Colin (Pope) wants his character to die in a blaze of glory as he was falling off a cliff shooting.
Will Patton (Dan Weaver) would like to see Weaver die "in some kind of wild bender"

Another question was if we will see more Volms and if Doug Jones would be playing them.
Doug said, he would probably play those Volm because there was only one costume, which is made just for him. Connor added that if there was a Mrs. Cochise, Doug would have to play her too.

They talked about Matt Mason and his role as a soldier.
Connor Jessup said they should preserve the innocence of kids like Matt or use them to help preserve life for future generations. To the question about a choice between school or fighting, he said "We have to make a choice and find a balance."

Another question was if Weaver could be a good father to Jeanne
Will Patton replied “Hell yes he can”.

About Matt and Pope's relationship, Doug said "Nobody should worry until Matt and Pope have matching haircuts!" Colin said that he loves working with Maxim. He is much more mature and capable than most young actors.

Now some more phrases they said:

Noah Wyle comments on Lexi and the baby's physical growth and said "Stay Tuned"
Rémi Aubuchon, comments on having a 13 or 15 episode season (that would be amazing!) and he said its not impossible. He said too "In human history we've always come back stronger when tested." Rémi also talked about the hybrid baby: "We always had the notion to toy with the idea of it's a full-on baby, part baby or not a baby at all." 
Sarah Carter  thinks if Maggie is that one person who is solid for Hal that he will be the man he is. "Maggie believes in Hal. She understands what it's like to know evil and temptation."
Doug Jones, as sweet as he is, said: "Is this not a beautiful cast?!"
Maxim Knight (Matt Mason) said he enjoyed riding horses with the rest of the cast this season.
Moon Bloodgood said she was "a very jolly person" when she was pregnant...

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