8 jul. 2013

Bruce Gray Interview in LFCC London.

This weekend in London LFCC, we had the opportunity to meet Bruce Gray, our Uncle Scott in the first season of Falling Skies. It's a lovely man, very friendly and full of surprises.

Bruce answered some questions, simple questions but very interesting in which we have known information and above all, moments and scenes that did not know about the series.
This great actor, has devoted precious words to his fellow professionals. Turns out that he knew Noah Wyle before, in the video you will discover some fantastic words that Bruce gave Noah. Also praised Connor Jessup, for if there is someone in the face of the earth who still does not know, Bruce has done to acknowledge the great talent that has Connor. Fine words, no doubt.

In this video about 8 minutes, you will discover much more.

Visit his blog-> Passion's Plaything

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