14 ago. 2013

Falling Skies Video Game **CONFIRMED**

Today is not an ordinary day for Falling Skies fans, and video games fans.We will see the end results in late 2014, but today it has been confirmed by TNT and video game company, Little Orbit, they are working to develop the game (which will be cross-plataform) about the series.

Who has not ever wanted to join the resistance? Who has not dreamed of being a member of the 2nd Mass? It seems to be our big chance.
We have few news about this, but one of the most important news that we have is that there will be a voice work for the game. Some of our favorite actors from the cast will lend their voices to this game. We'll have to see what characters in the series will be included in the game, and who is going to lend their voices. It would be nice to hear the voices of Noah Wyle, Connor Jessup, Drew Roy, Sarah Carter, Seychelle Gabriel, Jessy Schram, and the rest of this amazing cast.
The president of the company Little Orbit, Matt Scott, has said "Little Orbit's mission is to identify high-quality licenses and bring their world to gamers in a truly unique and interactive experience. We are collaborating closely with the show’s own writers to craft the game’s storyline, wholly integrating the 'Falling Skies' universe into a visceral gaming experience."
For her part, Tricia Melton, the Senior Vice President of Entertainment Marketing and Branding for TNT, TBS and TCM, has said, "Each summer, 'Falling Skies' has drawn viewers into its fantastic tale of survival in the face of a catastrophic alien invasion. Through the new line of games from Little Orbit, fans will be able to immerse themselves in the 'Falling Skies' universe all year round."
We'll have to wait for news, and first images in the next months. From here we will keep you informed of the future news in the developing of this game (As soon as we know them) 
And hopefully, this will be a benefit for the series and the fans, and they won't get lost in the marketing world, keeping their way in the good scripts. Those scripts and storylines that make you dream about the universe of Falling Skies and that make this series, something unique.

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