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Data on the 4th Season.

The end of the third season has arrived, leaving many unanswered questions. The following season, confirmed a few weeks ago, will have 2 more episodes, a total of 12 episodes, instead of the 10 to which we are accustomed.

Rémi Aubuchon announced months ago that this time he would not be the showrunner, and who for professional reasons (he's going to write a novel) he can't continue working on Falling Skies. David Eick is who will take over, known for being the executive producer of Battlestar Galactica (including Blood & Chrome, The Face of the Enemy, Razor, etc ...), he has also written several episodes with Ronald D . Moore. He's showrunner on shows like Bionic Woman, Caprica, a prequel to Battlestar Galactica (which only had one season), Them too, and in Touch (as consulting producer).
Now the fans have too many questions, such as, Karen is really dead? Apparently, yes. Noah (Tom) commented that perhaps will see her appear again, but in a flashback (as in the episode 3x08 Strange Brew).
About the Volm, Aubuchon says Cochise will be back and will remain an important role in this new season. Will David Eick follow all these patterns or he'll surprise us?
Obviously, David has experience in sci-fi, and I hope he gets relaunch the series after the third season rather slowly and with an ending that leaves too much to be desired.
Aubuchon said to Entertainment Weekly, that the story of Alexis will be shrouded in mystery (which is expected, as she has grown from a two weeks old baby girl to a 6 years old kid) and she will be treated as one "special "in the future. Anyway, the plot surrounding this girl, and Anne, is very confusing. We show that they have died and then they reappear in a forest ... I hope David Eick knows how to make sense of this...
Aubuchon also commented that the series will continue to focus on the human perspective, as Spielberg standards dictate, leaving aside until now the reasons why Espheni decided to invade the Earth, but the producer also comments (but not claimed) that these reasons, answers and uncertainties could be resolved in the next season.
Some characters like Marina Peralta, played by Gloria Reuben or Deni, by Megan Danso, didn't appear at the end of the season by scheduling conflicts, but Aubuchon expected they will return the following season.
For the fourth season, David Eick has prepared another leap in time of about seven months, similar to what we had with the third season.

The feeling of disappointment is very widespread among fans, after a second impressive season, they expected the same level of action and alien history, or even more on the third, but that has not happened. It had left action and it had more drama. Well, maybe the balance in this season has been more inclined towards drama than action, and that has caused many fans have lost interest and do not feel special euphoria for the next season ...
In my opinion, there were threads of which they could have thrown, and they decided to pull strings fragile, breaking the magic of Falling Skies. I just hope that in the coming months, David Eick and his team take the lead and show us what they are able, re-creating the magic that enveloped us in the first and in the second season, building new plots and the stories already created will be developed succesfully.

True fans of the series don't lose the hope and we look forward to the months pass quickly and that June 2014 (estimated date of the premiere of the 4th season), comes soon.

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