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3x10 Brazil – Review by Falling Skies Polska.

I was wondering in what theme I should start writing. There is plenty of thoughts and emotions about last season of Falling Skies, and lot of thoughts about how the show and characters have evolved during this three seasons.

After all I think I will start with the end - that is the final episode of the third season. The title is “Brazil” and it refers to the place that 2nd mass was offered to go by Volms. I was really excited about this episode, I was expecting a big battle with a Volm help and a giant cliffhanger.  But none of that has happened.

It start's with a nice action with train.
Good point is that we meet another Volms and their leader is also Cochice father –this is interesting, we can see a different species but similar with humans , Espheni doesn’t have such a structure like family (or we just don’t know about that). We can also notice that the Volms got a military structure similar to humans, like ranks. Their uniforms depends about the rank they have in structure.  We can see a big ship – great job of guys which are making the visual effects. To protect human beings Volms want to relocate humans to Brazil to be ‘safe and out of harms way’. The leader  of Volms has no respect for the inhabitants of Earth. He don’t want people to get involved in their war. I think he see humans in an inferior place of evolution, he don’t believe that native inhabitants of Earth can help them in this war. Maybe Cochise didn’t tell him everything? I mean, at least the humans learned how to use a big weapon against the Espheni and helped Cochise to destroy this “web”. But finally after conversation with Cohcise, his father decided to give humans a free choice and return their guns.

Tom Mason – as always he fights for humans. Not only with Espheni but also with Volms for right to have a choice and not be treating as an ants. I like this character with all of his pathetic. When he killed Karen I was thrilled, he did the best thing he could do – not listening any more this girl –just shoot her. In this particular scene he reminds me Pope. Pope making the balance between “love is in the air” scene and a bloody fights scene with his sarcastic sense of humor.
What is missing in this final episode: the deharnessed kids – we can see only Ben, but why? Ben said to Tom that the rebel skitter don’t trust Volms and they are nervous about them. Maybe this is the reason why the other kids like Ben doesn’t show up – they stayed with rebel skitters.
At the end of episode we can see that Anne and Alexis returned – that wasn’t surprise.

What I really liked in this episode it was Lourdes as a creepy demonic girl possessed by Espheni bugs. All the plot about the mole and Lourdes was very good, mistery and exciting. Still we didn’t get the answer about: when and how Lourdes was infected with the bugs? But referring to Lourdes we find out that Alexis has a special gift – she heal Lourdes. We know that she has an alien DNA in her blood and she is a new specie. So maybe this is all about? Maybe Espheni were looking for that kind of species with which DNA they can connect their DNA to create a new species –much more durable, smarter, stronger, immune and expanded than they are. Maybe they want to create a perfect soldier? First they harnessed the species they conquered, maybe even they had making an experiments with DNA, but it wasn’t work for others and now they finally have founded a species with which they can assimilate. Maybe this is the reason that they didn’t extinct the whole humanity at first. The web they made was supposed to kill all living being on Earth but not the one who was harnessed and I suppose not the new species like Alexis is.

I can see now that Falling Skies is pretending to be more a family show than a Science Fiction show.  All we can do now is just wait and see where this is going to next season.

By Agnieszka L. | Falling Skies Polska @FallingSkiesPol |

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