14 jun. 2013

The mole.

The third season begins with a big question: The existence of a mole.

Someone in Charleston is passing information to the enemy.

But who is the mole? 

There are many theories circulating on the network. The majority of fans are convinced that it is one of the new cast, but, let's be frank: If it was a new character, would be too obvious and would not create tension in the plot. It has to be someone we know, someone who would cause an impressive drama when we discover him.

Then, start to discard:
Denny, is brand new, they do not give much prominence to her. For now, she is just the shadow of Ben.
Marina, Tom's assistant, an intelligent woman, and she controlls difficult situations. That includes iron nerves. She could be the mole, is one of the options.
Among the characters we already know, we have to think about Lourdes. Girl who has always been there, whether in hard times or times of joy. We have heard her story, we have seen losing her boyfriend and now, in this new season, we can see her with more maturity, peace and perhaps not so clumsy. Is that renewed strength, collapsed after loss Jamil, caused by working with the enemy?
Discard Anne, Maggie, Jeanne. For obvious reasons.
Among boys, we discard Tom, Weaver, Anthony, Ben, Matt, Diego ( he came later) and Hal. Why discard Hal? Well, I guess see him walking in Charleston, going to the war room or kill Arthur, considering that he is "paralyzed" have caught the attention of someone ...
Some military general or those who are present at the meetings but who do not show us more moves. They are another option.
Of the Pope guys, I am convinced that there is none. Come on, then it would be something really shocking.
We seek either a new face, who do not know their history, or a familiar face who has not had a major role but still alive. Because, who does not have a future in the plot always kill him. If that someone is still alive, it must be for some reason. Always give more prominence in the new seasons for survivors in the previous season. So my big suspect is Lourdes, she, always so friendly and helpful could easily hide a secret like this without anyone suspecting ...
If it were someone like Ben, Maggie, Anne, Weaver would be to upset a lot, after all they have fought, there wouldn't be a plot twist, it would be meaningless.
If they want to give excitement to this season, they must create something new, must make sense of everything. A new direction that leads to conclusions that we have not even thought about or read. No matter what we express our opinion, I am convinced that we will get a big surprise with the mole. And if I'm wrong and ends up being someone "obvious", I owe you an apology.

By the way, new characters are still to be seen, maybe one shed some light on this issue ...

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