26 jun. 2013

Margaret (Maggie) Summary about the character.

Margaret (Maggie):
She is played by Sarah Sanguin Carter (actress, singer and artist) She was born on October 30th, 1980 in Toronto (Canada)

Before the invasion:

When Maggie was 16, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She had a 50% chances of survival. Her cancer was treated with chemotherapy and she survived after three operations.
After beat cancer, she got tired of people acting nice to her, because she saw everyone as "false, like plastic." When she was 18 she lived with a man, with whom she began to abuse drugs, they were thieves. During a night, while they were stealing, they were caught by the police. She was sent to the Correctional Center for Women in Framingham, where she discovered she was pregnant (three months), and Maggie had to give her baby to the authorities.

Ambush to the 2nd Mass (Episode "The Armory")
Three months before the second episode of the first season, Maggie joined Pope's criminal gang, she was sexually abused by two of the members of the gang (Billy and Cueball).
In that episode, after Pope take as hostages to some members of the 2nd Mass, Maggie begins to show her warrior spirit, while Hal was escorted by her.
Finally, after she saw that Pope's gang men have bad intentions with Karen Nadler, after several lewd comments towards her, Maggie realizes that they want to abuse Karen, as they did with her. She rebels against the gang and kills Billy Pope and Cueball and helps the 2nd Mass. From that moment, she begins to show she is a very useful soldier for the Resistance.

Seasons 1 and 2:
She is very important in the mission to save Ben, guiding Hal, Tom, Dai and Anthony to achieve their goal.
Soon, she shows she is a warrior, and although Maggie has a big heart, she shows herself as a cold and detached person towards the other members of the Resistance. However, there are times when we can see the complexity in the character of Maggie, her friendship with Sarah, or while she is teaching Anne to shoot a gun, and especially, her relationship with Hal. At first, she didn't want anything with the older of the Mason brothers, but she will gradually fall in love, and at the end, she will drop their barriers with him. Especially, after a visit from Karen, who
deceive everyone into believing that she is the "good" Karen without connection with the aliens, and end up endangering the lives of everyone in the Resistance.

Third season:
In this season she has to face the weird things around Hal, with whom she maintains a serious relationship now. They are almost a married couple, sharing a room for them. Karen put a probe into his cerebral cortex at the end of the second season (in the 4th episode we began to see a bad Hal Mason) We see that Maggie fighter spirit remains the same or strongest than it was in the past two seasons, but she shows her vulnerable side now, in the first three episodes we have seen this with Hal, Lourdes, with
Resistance mates and even with Tom Mason. She is very determined to fight for her relationship with Hal, and she won't let Karen be succesful
We'll see what is waiting for us with this character in this season.
But Sarah told us at the last MCM London Expo that in this season, Maggie will be "a warrior with a broken heart."

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