17 jun. 2013

Karen Nadler: Summary about the character.

Karen Nadler:
Played by Jessy Schram (very talented singer and actress)
Date of Birth: January 15th, 1986 in Skokie (Illinois)

Before the invasion:
Karen was a student in the Winthrop's High School. The day of the invasion she went out from her classes at the high school, to climb a tower and see the aliens' ship closely.
If she had stayed in her class, she had died along with all her classmates. After, the aliens killed her parents and her sister. So Karen decided to join the 2nd Mass to avenge their deaths.

Seasons 1 & 2:
When the series begins, we know Karen as Hal's girlfriend. They often go together in some reconnaissance missions. Karen is a good soldier, she has a strong character and we can see that she is quite jealous, when Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) shows interest for Karen's boyfriend.

In the second episode of the first season (The Armory), Karen is taken hostage (with Tom, Hal, Anthony and Dai) by Pope's criminal gang. But in the end, Maggie realizes the intentions that the gang's men have with Karen (because she had to suffer the same in the past) and she decides to rebel against them, killing two members of the gang and helping the 2nd Mass (after, she joins them).
In the third episode of the first season, on a mission to save Ben from the Skitters, Karen is catched by several children (slaves of the Skitters). Hal has to face up this dramatic fact, without being able to do anything to save her.
From that moment Karen is shown to us, as one of the worst enemies of the 2nd Mass, and of the human race. The right hand of her master (OverLord of the Espheni's race). She puts the resistance's lifes in danger in many times.

In the last episode of the second season, Karen becomes the most dangerous enemy. After the 2nd
Mass tries to destroy the powerful weapon that the OverLord and Karen are constructing, she along with her master and some Skitters take hostage Tom, Anne, Hal, Maggie Weaver, Ben (and Dai, who is killed in the mission). While she has captured the members of the Resistance, she kisses Hal (in the third season, we will know that with the eye worm, she planted a probe in his cerebral cortex , which can make that Hal could be dominated by the aliens (like Karen), but the boy fights against that)

Third Season
After the death of her master, Karen is the sovereign of the Espheni's race in the eastern of North America. We'll see what more has to offer us her character, in the new season of Falling Skies.

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