9 dic. 2013

Alexis: Ally or Enemy?

A few time ago, I asked to the fans of Falling Skies what they think about Lexi, if she's going to be an ally or an enemy?

There are many thoughts about this!
But lot of fans agree that she's going to be an ally and she will be helping people during their war.
She is half a human, her mother, Anne, is human (at least she seems to be...) but Alexis has alien DNA in her blood.

Which side will she choose?

When the family will be separated, will she follow her parents or join the aliens?
I think she can play an interesting role with the aliens, those whom gave her special powers.
Will she be asking questions to herself? About her origin.
Humans are different from alien because of their faith and their heart, so if she is half human she will have feelings and she will love her family, the human one.

But curiosity may lead her with the aliens. Why not?

Lexi is torn apart from the beginning. There are lot of posibilities for her role. She is powerful and she can be the most important human weapon against the Espheni. When I saw how she helped Lourdes, I thought that she is exactly what people need in this show to win the war. Finally the fortune is in their side. Now I'm expecting all that beautiful things about how love can change even half-alien into a human being with feelings and how love can make them sacrifice everything else for their family.

This is what I'm expecting for the new season but what will really happens? 

We have to wait and see. 

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