15 sept. 2013

Maggie Style

Maggie style is kind of military and kind of rock.

Typical for rock style is skinny pants and leather jacket and from military style she took hight boots or combat boots. Zips are normal for both style, we can find them in pants, jackets, boots or even on t-shirts as  decorative element. 
In the picture above I choose t-shirts with animals because I think it fit to Maggie. She is a wild-cat. But everything she is wearing is very sexy, womanly and glam.

Maggie loves guns, but not simple guns, she always choose something unsual.
This one of the picture is glittering (picture of the filming of fourth season). Special guns is also a part of her style. 

Long blond hair, skinny jeans, shining gun...
Yeah! Maggie is a bad-ass and she likes to show it by clothing.
Most of her guns are caliber 9mm.

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