7 sept. 2013

Interview with: Daniyah Ysrayl "Rick Thompson".

I had the honor to make an interview to Daniyah Ysrayl, who played Rick Thompson in Seasons 1 & 2, the rescued kid who gave some problems to the 2nd Mass but finally fought next to Red-Eye, dying because of the skitter cause.

Q: Rick was a complicated character, he was kidnapped by aliens and when he was rescued, he turned out not to be so human. What was the most difficult to interpret Rick?
Daniyah: The most difficult part of playing Rick was the alien side of him. I've been able to relate to a lot of characters that I've played. Rick... Not so much Lol! It's hard to be someone who has been captured by aliens, escaped, then to take on the characteristics isn't so easy.

Q: You had some pretty intense scenes, could you tell which one was the most difficult to do?
Daniyah: Well, there was a lot of difficult scenes so it would be pretty hard to choose one. There was one scene in particular that gave A LOT of technical difficulties. It was the scene where I throw the harness on my back and try to free the skitter being held captive. So it did make the scene pretty hard with the lighting and the harness placement. It kept sliding and moving all over my back!! Also, lights didn't turn on etc...

Q: It was a shock for fans having to see the death of Rick (Season 2, episode 5 "Love and other acts of courage") when he had just returned, and if Rick continues alive, what future would you have liked to him? Join the 2nd Mass, stay with the rebel skitter or something else?
Daniyah: I always saw Rick remaining with the Skitters and becoming a SUPER POWERED VILLAIN!!! I thought the contrast between Ben and Rick was golden. I believe A LOT more could have been done with Rick but for some reason he was killed. Weather I played him or not, I thought Rick was a FANTASTIC character for the show. A lot could have been done with him, in my opinion. No disrespect to the Falling Skies Crew of course!!

Q: Can you tell us a funny story behind the scenes?
Daniyah: OMG funny stories?!?!? ONE OF THE GREATEST SETS I'VE BEEN ON!! When the cameras weren't rolling, everyone would be playing basket ball!! If not that I was either chilling with my brother; asking Moon to marry me or playing Xbox with my bud Harris!!
Of course you can imagine somewhere along the lines we took time to run lines!

Q: Do you still watch the serie? If so, what do you think about the new season? You're enjoying it?
Daniyah: I actually don't watch a lot of cable TV. I'm pretty much a Netflix junkie. To be 100% honest, I catch it on the off day, but if it's not on Netflix, I'll probably be missing the show. But I'm always talking to viewers of the show and they keep me up to date on everything.
IT'S A FANTASTIC SHOW!!! I've just gotten this crazy obsession with Netflix ever since the last season ended!!

Q: A curiosity, are you in contact with the cast yet?
Daniyah: I am in contact with some people from the cast, of course (:

Q: Last question, can you tell us something about your future projects? Any new series, movie, etc?
Daniyah: At the moment I'm working on a new music demo with my brother. Putting together a demo with about 5 of our newest songs!
When I' not doing that I'm planning a business I am currently building from the ground up. Also doing recording sessions for other artists!! I Love my Life.

Follow Daniyah on Twitter: @DaniyahYsrayl

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